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Intergroup Dialogue Series: Navigating The Iceberg of Oppression

Navigating the Iceberg of Oppression is a four-part intergroup dialogue series for Black and Brown folks to reflect on the effects of oppression on their well-being.

College Students


  • Recognize the manifestation of cultural and institutional oppression under multiple systems

  • Identify the dynamics of interpersonal oppression in relationships

  • Reflect on the effects of internalized oppression on behavior and self-esteem

  • Practice Estoy Aqui's Community Care model for continued healing and resistance

Street Corner Protestors


Population: Teens or adults who self-identify as Black and/or Brown

Capacity: 12 participants max

Mode: Virtual or in person, no hybrid mode

Language: English or Spanish

Length: Each circle is 2 hours and a half

  • Circle 1: Cultural Oppression

  • Circle 2: Interpersonal Oppression

  • Circle 3: Internalized Oppression

  • Circle 4: Institutional Oppression

Delivery Options

  • 1 circle daily

  • 1 circle every two days

  • 1 circle per week

  • 1 circle per month

It is recommended to experience the entire series, however, each circle can work as a standalone program.