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Compassionate Support Offering for Suicidal Persons Workshop

Helping The Community Support Each Other

The Compassionate Support Offering for Suicidal Persons workshop offers a brave space for individuals to reflect on their biases about suicidal persons while practicing a detailed guide of compassionate support offering techniques. Recorded role-plays and case scenarios included.



  • Identify and disrupt personal biases about suicidal persons

  • Recognize the signs that indicate someone might be thinking of suicide

  • Address fear-based dynamics in the role of support offering

  • Practice compassionate support offering techniques from multiple perspectives

Image by Joshua Ness
Holding Hands


Population: Teens or adults

Capacity: 20 participants max is ideal for effective participation. However, the original structure of the training can be modified to fit more participants.

Mode: Virtual or in person, no hybrid mode

Language: English or Spanish

Length: 3 hours

Cost: $1,500

Things to note: The case scenarios and role-plays provided depend on the audience of the workshop.