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Community Care Circle (CCC) Series: Exploring Organizational Culture in Non-Profits

Dismantling White Supremacy in Organizations

Exploring Organizational Culture in Non-Profits is a four-part Community Care Circle (CCC) Series for non-profit employees to recognize the white supremacy norms embedded in the policies, practices, and structures of their organizations.


What is a Community Care Circle (CCC)?

Community Care is the collective responsibility for each other’s well-being. When we do community care, each of us gets to decide the way we want to be cared for.

Estoy Aqui’s CCCs are a combination of Healing Circle Practice and Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) designed for individuals to speak up about their personal experiences and their relationship to the content.  

CCCs can also be offered as workshops where the focus is on content learning with some opportunities for dialogue.



  • Deepen your understanding of the ways white supremacy norms are embedded in the areas of hiring/promotion, supervision, policies/practices, and workplace culture

  • Share and gain multiple perspectives on white supremacy as a barrier to wellness

  • Practice Estoy Aqui's Community Care model for continued healing and resistance



Population: Adults working in non-profits

Capacity: 12 participants max is ideal for the circle process. 20 participants max is ideal for the workshop version.

Mode: Virtual or in person, no hybrid mode

Language: English or Spanish

Length: Each circle or workshop is 3 hours​

  • Policies/practices

  • Hiring/promotion

  • Workplace culture

  • Supervision

Delivery Options:

  • 1 circle or workshop every two days

  • 1 circle or workshop per week

  • 1 circle or workshop bi-weekly

  • 1 circle or workshop per month

Cost: $550 per circle or workshop

It is recommended to experience the entire series, however, each circle or workshop can work as a standalone program.