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Intergroup Dialogue Series: Exploring Latino/x Mental Health from a Racial Justice Lens

Exploring Latino/x Mental Health from a Racial Justice Lens is a four-part Intergroup Dialogue Series for self-identifying Latinx/Latine/Latino/Hispanic folks who are open to reflect individually and collectively about the most common social problems in the Latinx community that directly influence our mental health.

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What Will I Learn? 

  • Self-reflect on the behaviors or appearances that cause inclusion and exclusion in your community.

  • Address the stressors attached to being a Latino/x immigrant in the U.S. 

  • Recognize the effects of anti-Blackness and colorism on your mental health.

  • Outline ways in which microaggressions are internalized as part of your identity.

  • Embrace collective and individual needs while practicing the concept of community care.

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"I felt so welcomed and acknowledged as a Latina student. Attending these talks made me want to interact more with my community, both on and off-campus, and engage in daily self reflection with a good experience to think back to! Thank you so much!"

Monica G.

Participant - Mount Holyoke College Latinx Heritage Month Intergroup Dialogue Virtual Series