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Suicide Prevention from a Racial Justice Lens Training

The Suicide Prevention from a Racial Justice Lens training explores some of the most common sociocultural factors that create risk and protection for suicide in the Latino/x and the Black community. This training also offers an overview of compassionate support offering techniques for suicidal persons.



  • Expand your definition of suicide through a social justice lens

  • Reflect on sociocultural factors that create risk or protection for suicide in Latino/x and Black folks

  • Deconstruct suicide myths and taboos that exist in our language, culture, and media

  • Recognize the signs that indicate someone might be thinking of suicide

  • Review compassionate support offering techniques for suicidal persons

Exercise Group


Population: Adults who are mental health advocates working inside and/or outside systems.

Capacity: 20 participants max is ideal for effective participation. However, the original structure of the training can be modified to fit more participants.

Mode: Virtual or in person, no hybrid mode

Language: English or Spanish

Length: 3 hours

Cost: $1,500

Things to Note: This training does not include case scenarios and role-plays to practice compassionate support offering techniques. If interested in these logistics, check, "Compassionate Support Offering for Suicidal Persons Workshop"