Our Values

What does Estoy Aqui stand for?

Suicide is a Social Justice Issue

Estoy Aqui does not believe in preventing the act of suicide. Instead, we strive to dismantle white supremacy and systemic racism, two of the root causes of suicide, to make life worth living.

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Community Care

Estoy Aqui promotes the value of interdependence and highlights the importance of curiosity, validation, and consent when supporting others. We look beyond the idea of individual responsibility and resilience to hold systems accountable, not ourselves, for our wellness.


Cultural Strengths

Estoy Aqui indigenizes suicide prevention by asking, what skills and systems exist in Latino/Latinx and Black communities that can protect them from suicide? Alternative systems such as barbershops, bodegas, and laundromats are recognized as potential sources of mental health support.


Lived Experience

Estoy Aqui believes that the knowledge gained from painful and/or traumatic experiences is a valid data source. The sharing of these stories can ultimately protect communities of color against suicide and mental health issues.

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